Kevin Hai

Projects —
  1. No-Stop Party
  2. Rave New World — Amsterdam
  3. Line of Reasoning School

Studies —
  1. Rave New World — Berlin
  2. No Fear Agadir

Writings —
  1. Welcome to the Gayborhood
  2. What a Tangled Web We Weave
  3. The Expanded Field
  4. Le Corbusier in Algeria
  5. Machinations of Power
  6. Going Dutch

Kevin Hai —
  1. He is a designer.
  2. He is currently located in New York, New York.
  3. He has worked previously at firms in the United States and Europe, wrote his thesis in Amsterdam, assisted artists in Paris, and is currently doing research in Berlin.
  4. He is available for freelance and collaboration.
  5. He does other things too. →

© Kevin Hai


Greenpoint Theatre

Fall 2017
Course : Architectural Technology - Building Systems Integration and Envelopes
Critics : Joseph Hand (SHoP), Sarrah Khan (Agencie)
Project Team : Kevin Hai, Maria Moersen, Mike Roberto, Graysen Babbitt

More information coming soon.